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Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity Audit and Assurance

Having a fully comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery plan is one matter. Having assurance that it will work when put to the test is quite another.

Exactly the same problem applies to all your contingency arrangements... will they work? Have you taken all the diligent steps possible to gain assurance that your plans and preparations are not lacking in a key area?

The Disaster Recovery Toolkit was designed to assist in this area. It comprises questionnaires, checklists and templates to help you to audit both your plan and your actual contingency practices.

Disaster Recovery Information on the Disaster Recovery Toolkit

A full description of the toolkit is provided on the Disaster Recovery Toolkit website, including details of content and a number of sample pages.

The Disaster Recovery Toolkit can also be purchased online and instantly downloaded. You can obtain your copy at a special price of only $99 via the secure online payment page.


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